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Moving from Dark to Light

April 20, 2017

Last November, my world experienced a paradigm shift.  I felt quite bummed about the state of the world, and as a result, gained a few (too many) pounds and obsessively gathered books and other reading materials, (new and classic, right and left, pro and con, fact vs fiction)... I wanted to fill my newly discovered bubble with educated thoughts rather than reactionary reflexes... I felt my life to be random, arbitrary, up for grabs... I looked for someone, something, that could offer me some steady ground, a few calm words that would indicate that we would all be ok in the end... but I realized that I wouldn't find it outside of myself... Everywhere I looked, people were un-tethered, so to speak... and, I knew that the non-stop parade of holiday sweet and savories, among other things, would do more harm than good.

So, while the world became more unknown to me, I began creating things.  Nothing in particular, just whatever materials I had on hand that happened to catch my eye, then I would just start and make it into something.  It was a comforting feeling, that even if I was feeling out-of-sorts, to be able to focus and tune out the noise made me feel a little better.  It gave me hope... and if not hope, then just the ability to appreciate my life and my contribution to the moment...  To accept the things I can not change.

It's been almost half a year for me to right myself back up again... to get back into a forward momentum... but I think I'm ready now.  Overall, I'm a bit heavier, in weight and in mood.  But, that's ok, too... 

So, what have I been up to the last six months?

This hat, inspired by The Garter Stitch Witch

These Half Pint Fingerless Gloves

Emily Dormier's Quick Ombre Hat

These Lazy Adaptations of DawnKnit's Convertible Gloves

This Advent Calender Inspired by Kate

These Patchwork Knee Patches

And, these, too... Inspired by this.

These Little Lavender Filled, Sock Drawer Chicks

They always come in pairs!

A New Bunny for Lily

A Few More to Make It a Party!

Inspired by this Little Bunny...

And, these big, little bunnies, too.

Well, what do you know! I have found two people who help me to find my footing... and who show me how to live in the moment while...

Strolling through Bolzano

Catching a Matinee

Being a Fairy at the Zoo

Giving Sage Advice to Tadpoles

and Posing like Royalty!

You guys, (and your Dada,) are the best!
I'm one lucky girl to be in this pack of monkeys!

Your Mama